Himalaya is a subtle journey intermixing music, dance and images embracing different cultures, periods, emotions, thoughts, styles,  philosophies, sensibilities, expressions and impressions, … rich and deep also by the contribution of each member of the group who brings his/her  personal experience as a result of a long artistic, intellectual and human path.

Actually Himalaya is composed by :

Mark Bogaerts aka Ramasitar : sitar, guitar, saxophone, vocals, compositions
Saskia Vanhoegaerden : harp, flute, vocals, compositions
John Litton Baroï : vocals, harmonium 
Sumi Lea Hordijk : dance, vocals, percussions 
Eric Moens : bass, syntheziser
Fabrice Colet : drums, tablas, mridingam, percussions
VJ : video conceptions and projections
Beginning 2007, Pierre Narcisse has got a thrombosis and is half paralysed. Due to this, he is not able to play and is replaced by Fabrice Colet.


The Himalaya adventure starts in 1994. The basic idea was to confront and unite music from different cultures and create a music that leads to peace and harmony. At first Himalaya was a totally instrumental and acoustic quartet: acoustic guitar - saxophone, harp - flute, double bass and tabla. A first change was a new bassplayer - Eric Moens, next came the early compositions with sitar. Vocals were introduced when John Litton Baroï joined the group in 2002.
During all these years,   scattered with some periods of scenic inactivities, the music has ripen well and evolved a lot. New compositions and arrangements appeared and the instrumentation went a new  direction introducing synthesizer, electric bass and guitar, electro-acoustic harp and in 2004 a new dimension came, the project opened up for dance performance with the venue of Sumi Lea Hordijk. And finally in 2006 and 2007 new developments are concretized making Himalaya an audio-visual performance with the contribution of video projections.