Mark BOGAERTS aka Ramasitar  


Formation :

Classical studies guitar, saxophone, vocals and violin
Lot of self-teaching in jazz, rock and other modern styles
Sitar and classical Indian music studies with Pandit Ashok Pathak

Activities : 

Played and plays since the eighties, as side-man or as leader, with numerous bands and singers of different styles ranging from rock, reggae, pop, metal, Caribbean, jazz-rock, funk to world music, jazz (be-bop, modern, free and avant-garde), experimental and improvised music and many other styles, … from solo-situations till large orchestras
Wrote a large number of compositions (several commissioned) in diverse music styles
Recordings for radio and television, vinyl-records and CD’s, video, studio-sessions, electronic and electro-acoustic music
Active since the eighties as a music teacher in different schools

A few names :

Harry & Co, the Simkas, the Monitors, Kazzen, T. Zanny Band, Wim Big Band, Fred Van Hove, André Goudbeek, Eddy Loozen (in duo and with his big band Bocmo), Skull Intensity (trio with Eric Moens and Gianni Manente), Interactions,  Mark Bogaerts Quartet with Rashied Ali, Amin Ali & Garrett List, Les Granules (big band from René Lussier and Jean Derome), The Free Band (with among others Takashi Yamane, Marc Charrig, Filip Baert), Luk Mishalle, China Pig Blues Band (Jos Steen), the Morton Fork Gang (with Guy Segers, Daniel Dennis, Jan Kuyken, Geoff Leigh, Joe Higham and Daniel Stokart), Mister Y with the ladies (with Viviane Fortuné and Pascale Loriers), the Simpletones (from Johan De Smet), Venger, Caribbean Pulse, Himalaya, Ambrosia, The Classic Jazz Quintet (with Hilde Vanhove, Pascal Michaux, Jean Van Lint and Jan De Haas), Satya (with Soraya, Ariane De Bièvre, Moufadhel Adhoum, Malick Pathé Sow, ...), Solange Labbé et l’ensemble Hé (with among others Pierre Coulon, Frederik Meireson), Serenity, Sunda Sunda (with deejay Marko La Rocca - Djamoon), Rafiqul Islam, Studio Pagol, Anwar Abudragh, Wessam Ayoub, Soraya Zekalmi electro project (with among others Robin Fleming, Sam Hull, Aftab Culab), … 

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